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The-Well-dressed-Wife-lisa-and-chris-kids-in-paris-v2 Reasons to elope are as unique as any particular couple. From experience, we’ve found that couples visiting Paris to get married want a romantic and picturesque backdrop to their wedding celebration that is also less stressful than getting married back home. The intimacy of having an elopement means that there is no additional stress on the couple to please others with the wedding day choices. If you’re shy you don’t have to worry about being the focal point, standing in a room filled with people. Perhaps this is your second marriage and you want something different from your first. You don’t have to worry about the guests lists, seating arrangements etc.

Whatever your reason, you don’t need a reason to do what will make you happy. Relax, you’ve made the right decision and we’re here to help you.


Small Weddings

how to get married in paris Some couples have always dreamt of a very intimate affair, with just their closest friends and family on their wedding day. Some couples fantasize about the Eiffel Tower forming a dramatic backdrop to their wedding ceremony. Some couples think about having their wedding dinner along the River Seine.

Perhaps you are one of these couples?

We’re here to listen to your needs and work hard to make sure you get the wedding you’ve always dreamt of, no matter the style or budget.



Renew Vows

effeil-tower-backdrop- It’s a monumental feat and romantic victory to actually get to that point in your marriage where you want to have a Renewal Ceremony in Paris!

Renew your love and devotion in a city that has some of the best gastronomical treats and quaintest locales on earth.

We can help you with concierge type services that will transform your trip into a full blown Renewal vacation.




paris letter-writing wedding Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend under the Eiffel Tower? Or perhaps another iconic and romantic Parisian locale? We can help with ideas, suggest restaurants, hire your transportation and set up a photographer (hidden Paparazzi style) to capture your magic moment.

If somehow your other half finds out about your plans before they’ve been finalized, you can turn the trip into an Engagement trip!

Don’t worry, we can help you find some of the best spots in Paris to propose as well as suggest romantic day activities such as Wine Tastings, Boat Rides, Shopping, Trips, etc.



Is your family feeling a little blue about missing the magical moment of your ceremony? Consider hiring a videographer to record your ceremony. Later you can surprise your family with a special gift or play it during a post Elopement Party back home.