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We did this wedding video, shot along the Seine River in Paris, with the idea of creating a typical elopement day for this style shoot – that was published in French Wedding Style Blog. We can see the Eiffel Tower, going under the love lock bridge, lots of Parisian architecture and you can’t hear it but there were lots of people cheering us on. Parisians love to see love!

You may be thinking of hiring a wedding videographer and Megan from Hello Super Studio is form the US but now France based and is not only great energy to be around – she’s a whiz, as you can see from this video. We can’t thank her enough for sharing her gift with us.

If you’re looking at wedding packages from various planners here in Paris – you’ll no doubt see that it’s a big investment, often times the cost is more expensive than the photography because of the production and editing time.

We privatized this boat and just cruised along with rustic decorations and reception food and Champagne.

The style shoot was a big production and as a team we really wanted to show you guys just a bit of what we can do – and we had so much fun!



Today I wanted to share six (heart-to-heart) tips on planning your wedding here in Paris. You may be just in the beginning stages, with no idea where to begin. Or reviewing wedding packages, to planning the finer details with your Paris based English-speaking planner – either way I felt it was necessary to share some advice on the major mistakes (after four years as an event coordinator – the list can go on!) our couples run into while planing an intimate destination wedding, and ways you can avoid them.

  1. Inviting too many people
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photo via Le Secrets D’Audrey

This may sound crude – but seriously don’t invite/ take everyone if you want to have an intimate stress free wedding. From experience it’s never the couples who freak out, it’s always that one person that knows “what is best” for everyone and wants to have his/her say and run the show. Don’t invite anyone that will steal from the joy of your big day.

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We’ve been so lucky to have worked with some of the best Paris florist for bridal bouquets here in Paris. Today’s post is dedicated to one of our favorite floral teams that helps us create the most beautiful floral decor, bouquets and boutonniere; Les Herbes de Paris.

wedding bouquet paris

This one was from a rustic romantic shoot we did for French Wedding Style. We wanted to use lots of wild flowers, a mix of rich and pale colors yet have it come together in a very romantic way, And I think we hit the nail right on the head with this bouquet!

Personally, I’m a big fan of Dahlias, Peonies and Garden roses: big and so lush! But when the seasons over there are so many flowers and wild plants that we may not know about that can give us gorgeous bouquets of every color.

According to Martha Stewart – your favorite flower says a lot about you.  What does yours say?


We’ve had a devastating few days here in Paris. Today is Monday November 16th – 3 days after the deadly attacks in the city killing so many and wounding us not just physically but emotionally. We are grieving but also bravely living and carrying on as I return to the office and the children are back in school.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that, we are standing back up and moving on not with hate or fear in our hearts. But with courage, living because we’ve got life, and will not allow others to take our joie de vivre.

paris is always paris streets daily life after attacks of isis le carillon homage after terror shooting attacks

On saturday there were few people out when we ventured outside around 2pm, but on sunday at the same time, the streets were back to normal. We walked over to one of the cafe’s, Le Carillon, that was affected to pay our respects and walked along the Canal Saint Matin with the rest of Paris, enjoying a coffee or croissant with the little ones.

We are somehow carrying on the best we can.

pray for paris along the canal saint matin paris terror attacks carrying on after paris days after terror photos daily life


Thank you for all the Facebook messages and emails of kindness. We are truly touched by your humanity and know that love will always prevail.

Paris will always be Paris.


How about an intimate French wedding on the Seine River on a private boat, with the most decadent floral decor, bouquet, cake and meal with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop?

We are overjoyed to share with you one of our recent styled shoots published on the top wedding blog French Wedding Style –

Video by Megan Hill 

From the very moment we got to thinking about the concept, we wanted to really have it be fun and easy with extra emphasis on it being intimate, elegant filled with JOIE DE VIE!

best couple engagement photos paris

couple photographer in paris marjorie preval
luxury wedding paris france bride rustic paris france wedding location Yanique laduree macarons wedding decor paris

Elope in Paris boat seine river wedding bouquet paris Intimate eiffel tower wedding

wedding cake paris france
best wedding cake paris france love couple photos paris vintage-wedding-cars-Paris jaguar

Here’s the result – every single detail thought out and planned by Elope in Paris, a big thank you to the best team to work with!


See the full publication on Monique’s blog !